Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vote for your favorite, and enter a giveaway for a free magnet!

So I thought I'd combine both a giveaway as well as a survey. Let me know your first and second choice for a background (even more helpful if you can tell me why you chose them) and you'll be entered in a drawing to win a free big magnet from my zazzle shop. You may vote once, but you can enter the drawing multiple times as long as you follow or like me on that site. Sites are as follows: Instagram (, Facebook page (, tumblr (, and my blog ( Shares, reblogs or other social network shoutouts also count for an additional entry, just mention which you did. If you prefer being contacted by e-mail (if you don't plan on checking if you won) leave that, but it is not required, otherwise I will just tag the winner in all the ways I am able. If unclaimed after 72 hours, I will do a second drawing. Contest will be closed on Monday, September 29th at midnight MST. Thanks for your input! This will help me decide which image to upload to zazzle.


So, after getting lots of great feedback on facebook and instagram, I have edited and made some changes to reflect new and improved options.

the all diamond option

and the duo tone (less contrast) and bigger (less busy) chevron

Also, you may notice (after I have uploaded these everywhere else) that the original soft blue and aqua blue have been switched in the new collage pictures...  oh well.  Also the teal and the "new" aqua blue next to each other makes me realize they are nearly the same shade of color, just different values.  Oh well.  The perfectionist in me is squirming, but not enough to go back and fix it EVERYWHERE.  I am drawing far too much attention to myself already.

Anyway, thank you for any and all of your input.  My brain gets stuck in a rut sometimes and so its nice to have a piece of your mind to shake things up a little.  I will probably put up a few different ones on zazzle (including plain backgrounds)...  

(edited) CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED  Three different backgrounds are up in my zazzle shop.  The teal diamond pattern, the duo tone sage green chevron, and a new one a soft blue with white polka dots as backgrounds to this bunny.

 The winner of the drawing was my friend Julie Olson who is an amazing illustrator.   Check out her blog here.