Children's Book Reviews

I have decided to randomly give book reviews of children's books that I have come to love.  None of them are compulsory or in any way endorsed by anyone other than myself and my own personal opinion.  I just feel like it.  And fantastic children's literature is hard to come by.

I have recently realized that growing up I was rather spoiled with an above average sampling of wonderful children's books.  I have a wonderful Aunt who started the tradition of bequeathing upon her many scattered nieces and nephews great children's literature for their birthdays.  I believe the tradition lasted until the ripe old age of 12 or so.  They were meticulously scouted out for their amusing prose and beautiful illustration.  But especially for the gorgeous illustrations.  She didn't just pick out the standard classics, or simply scour only the Caldecot winners, but also found truly obscure and wonderful tomes.  Which left me as a kid, thinking that children's books were effortlessly of a higher caliber than is actually the case.  And just may have fueled a hunger and expectation that eventually resulted into my meandering entrance into the same field.

So I will endeavor to showcase old favorites of mine (that I painstakingly traipsed around the Internet for my own copies of) as well as newly discovered favorites.  It is hard to foster a voracious love of literature in childhood, if there are only mediocre books around.  As I lack the funds to purchase them and distribute them as gifts to all in my sphere of acquaintance, you will have to settle for my personal and anecdotal recommendations.
King Hugo's Huge Ego

Beegu, by Alexis Deacon

Tell Me a Trudy

The Three Pigs, by David Wiesner

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