Tuesday, July 14, 2009

opinions needed: baby shower invites

I'm messing around with different cards for my etsy shop one of which is a baby shower invite. I have four different colors I'm going to use, but I don't know which layout I like best. (the watermark is just there for copyright, its not part of the design) Which one should I do?

Very small image with all the information on the front.......Small with info on the back (in matching colors)......medium.....or large image?I'm going to use a different font, but don't know which one yet. They'll get to choose between all four colors when they order. I just need to pick which one works the best. Any ideas?

Friday, July 3, 2009

I may not have a garden this year...

...but I've still been busy trying to grow stuff. My problem is I planted all the flowers first, and ran out of steam before I got to the garden. I'm not that great at planting flowers even... I only have about a 50% or probably less success rate. In previous years I've planted one rose bush that took, but of the 17 or so lily bulbs only one has ever had a single blossom (which lasted a day, and then was destroyed by massive hail stones) and hasn't lived to bloom since. Which saddens me considerably!! I love lilies! My daisies are finally going strong, but it took them a while to get that way, and my black eyed susans and my poppies haven't even bothered to sprout. (I could list a bunch more that have failed to even show themselves above ground, but I won't) I have a couple of remaining sunflowers that have managed to cling to life through the snail wars, but I don't know how much longer they will last. I have managed to NOT kill off a few things, like my lillac bushes, and the pre-existing roses. But I can't really take much credit for those, they're pretty tough plants, which were well established BEFORE I took over. Well at least I have lots of fruit trees, if I didn't get around to veggies. Austin convinced me pruning was a good idea and lo and behold we have apples for the first time in any quantity at all! I guess pruning IS a really good idea. We've always gotten a disproportionately large amount of pears for the size of the tree. This year its even smaller than last year, thanks to the breakage of a rather major branch from all the weight of the pears last year. I think we'll still make out rather well with pears despite the loss. Dried pears are awesome! However my pride and joy is my beloved peach tree! I planted it myself, and it has bore fruit every year (including the first, which it isn't supposed to) granted it was only four peaches but... still. This year I have even thinned out the fruit, which is incredibly painful for me to do, because it means one less peach I get to eat. But it will hopefully spare the weak little branches of my young tree, and make the remaining peaches that much bigger and juicier!! There is not one single more delectable food on the planet for me than a fresh from the tree, warm, dripping, juicy, fresh peach. So, perhaps next year I'll actually get the vegetable seeds in the ground, and if by some miracle they manage to not only sprout but to actually produce food, maybe then I can eat nice crunchy fresh veggies too. Good thing I like fruit better anyway.