Friday, April 24, 2009

Trade: planner for leggings

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I think trades are superb. Wouldn't it be cool if you could trade for everything? I don't suppose the power company wants to be paid in crafts though. But seriously, when money can be circumvented, trades are my ideal way to acquire stuff. I have thoroughly enjoyed every trade I've done and I look forward to many more great trades.

I had a lovely trade with my sister that not only inspired an awesome planner design I will be making many more of for the upcoming beehive bazaar, but Lucy got some super sweet legwarmers that show off her chunky little legs to perfection! It was a perfect trade. Kaarina wanted the perfect sized planner (which if you didn't know, happens to be checkbook sized) to fit in her purse, but without preprinted dates, so she could start and stop whenever she wanted without the planner being rendered obsolete. An idea I myself, not being a great planner aficionado, had already implemented in previous planner designs. Whilst I was dearly in need of more stripey things to adorn my baby girl Lucy's rolly polly thighs. Especially if those somethings were tactile and chunky and hand knit. Despite my many and varied random skills, knitting is not one of them. Thus the perfect trade was born.

Of course Lucy wouldn't hold still so I could take a picture, so I was chasing her all over the house, while she gleefully slobbered on the packaging they came in. Aren't they lovely!! My sister is so very wonderfully handy (and neat and patient) with yarn! Clever Kaarina! Yay for trades!