Thursday, October 30, 2008

4th folder, 4th picture tag

I got tagged by my little sister Eve. I decided to check out what I actually did have in my fourth folder fourth picture.. and it turned out to be this darling one I took about a week ago. I was needing to post some pictures of my darling kiddo's anyway. So, there you go!

Max has been requesting 'faux hawks' lately. He see's me doing Sohvi's hair for pre-school, and of course b
ecause he wants everything she gets, he had to get his hair done too. It was a gorgeous day, Lucy was napping, so we went outside and snapped away. The biggest shocker was that Max actually held STILL. Sohvi is great at posing, she'll pose all day in front of a mirror just for kicks, but Max can't be bothered with it normally.

I'd better throw in a few others while I'm at it. Sin
ce who knows how long its going to take me to get my blog all decorated, organized and pretty. Its not really too high on the priority list right now.

Here are Sohvi and Lucy in their inadvertently matched dresses that I shamelessly took advantage of. Both were given to me, I swear. Not that I haven't put them in matching dresses on purpose before... It just so happens this is not the case this time. (and it was only once before!) I do love a sailor dress, though it has nothing to do with my love of sailing.

Here is the cutest pout you will ever see. (hey, its my kid, I can be as prejudiced as I want)

Actually Lucy is a really happy kid most of the time, usually she's grinning more like this one. My kids are my favorite. They're awesome little boogers. And how can I NOT think they are the cutest, funniest and best mini people ever.


  1. hooray for pictures! man, your kids are cuties..

  2. Wow... Sohvi is like a miniature you with Daddy's hair. Its awesome. I can't believe how old all your kids are!! You're like a GROWN-UP and stuff! LOL.

  3. Don't stop, C! Your kids ARE awesome in every way! I thoroughly adore them myself! GREAT pics, btw...

  4. These cannot be your kids! They look way too grown up. It's amazing what year or two can do to a little one! I do have to agree with you they are the cutest kids... well until Jan 3rd or there abouts. ha!

  5. I love it! now I am getting you with a tag. Only because my friend tagge dme and i only know like two other bloggers so Tag!! You're it!!! It is kind of a fun one. Do it if you want to. Check out my blog for the details.