Thursday, February 26, 2009

Art Madness

Thus begins my self induced fall from sanity. I am going to be doing both the Taylorsville Art Show (March 21st) as well as the Beehive Bazaar (April 30-May2) which for all practical preparative purposes are almost simultaneous. I realize that yes, technically there is over a month in between said events, but there is also less than a month before the first one. They also consist of totally separate things. One is an art show, that I'll be displaying my as yet unfinished art. The other is a craft show where I'll have prints of my art and other things from my etsy shop. Two completely different preparations.

Not only that but I suffer from a severe case of chronic, debilitating artist block. Sure its easy and convenient to blame my lack of progress on my having three kids, but honestly, thats not really the issue. I have in my studio a painting that is very close to being finished THAT I HAVEN'T TOUCHED IN THREE YEARS. It seems the more I like a piece the harder it is to finish. I don't want to mess it up, and the longer I am away from it the more intimidating it is to come back to. I think in some weird way my potential as an artist scares me. The better I do, the more I have to live up to. And I never know if something will work. Just because I have before, doesn't mean I can do it again, I can't predict anything. Creating art takes a lot of concentration, I like it when it works, but it is certainly not relaxing. Maybe for other artists it is, I don't know. But it takes a lot of effort for me. So, don't expect me to emerge from my dank, cluttered, unfinished, basement studio anytime soon. However I fully plan on retaining all portions of both of my ears. Wish me luck.


  1. Yeah ears are good. However, if you DO end up somehow sans ear, you could bronze it and call it some ode to old Pablo. Somebody would think it was just fabulous.

    Just a suggestion. Good luck!

  2. How exciting, good luck!! I hope it goes well

  3. i know (kind of) what you mean. i think that's why i don't paint much at all. good luck with everything.

  4. That was funny about the ear!
    I'm going to Salt Lake on the 20- 21 to the Scrapbook expo ( I read your post about not "scrap booking at all", maybe I would paint more if I did not scrapbook. I don't really scrapbook much either though.) Where is the Art Show?

  5. hey, cee! good luck with all that! even if you are tearing your hair out multiple times, i think it will be a good experience for you. (especially when it's over!) way to go on putting yourself out there.

    also, there's a really really good book called "the artist's way" by julie cameron about overcoming artist's block. i highly recommend it.

  6. Thanks everybody, I'll need it!

    Janel- the show is in Taylorsville's City hall (its just off of the redwood road exit on 215 just south of Salt Lake). but I'll be putting more details on here when it gets closer.

    Kree- thanks for the book suggestion, I'll totally have to check it out.

  7. Good luck, hon! I'll be by to see the show(s)! (I hope!!!) xoxo!