Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trade: evieivyoverstreet

The recent Beehive Bazaar wasn't my first opportunity to trade with my little sister. I first fell head over heels in love with this tote bag she made. Then she went above and beyond that one and customized another one with the lining and baby whale corduroy I liked combined with a darling hedgehog appliqué. You may have seen me with it, I use it ALL the time!

This one wasn't a trade, but I couldn't help myself last bazaar. I had been drooling over the darling lion tee-shirts in her etsy shop for a while, and seeing them in person (in my son's size, and on a darling green ringer tee) was just too much even for my frugal, non-shopaholic, normally restrained self. It mattered not that I wasn't getting something for my daughter, it had to be snatched up! I love it every single time he wears it. Makes me want to squeeze him, even more that I already do, if that's possible.

This time at the bazaar, I got to see all the goods as we were setting up. She makes the cutest felt button bracelets and watches ever. I saw a cutie cute bright yellow one and secretly hoped it wouldn't get sold. To my delight it didn't, and I traded it victoriously!
And THEN, because she's such a great sister, she GAVE me a absolutely darling, delicious smelling, lavender filled, flower button appliquéd, vintage kitty fabric sachet for my birthday. It almost makes up for the fact that I turned 30.

She makes some REALLY cute stuff, this is only a teensy tinsy sample of it. So, if you haven't checked out evieivyoverstreet's shop lately (or ever) you totally should.


  1. my goodness! i'm blushing!
    thanks for this super complimentary sweet post.
    i am glad to see it as well, i was worried you'd forgo your trades posts since i kinda beat you to the punch & stole your idea.
    love the pictures of max in the lion tee!

  2. adorable! everything is adorable. I thought I had seen all your posts and i do not know how I missed this one. You guys are so talented. Love it!

  3. Ha... so while popping by on a moment of boredom to look at links and such I visited this post again and saw that cute pic of Max in the tree and thought to myself... Someone needs to buy that kid a measuring tape for when the inevitable happens. LOL. Bwa ha. Well I thought it was funny.