Monday, September 12, 2011

On patched jeans and other atrocities

I can't decide if this makes me a nice, loving and clever Mom, or a total dork Mom (or probably both).  But I am really bored with jeans being rendered useless after a month because my kids are.. well, kids.  Their knees are constantly hitting pavement, trees, carpet, furniture, gravel, you name it and surrendering their thread count.  I hate waste, and not so much in the trendy, crunchy, reduce your carbon footprint kind of way, but a deep mental aneurysm sort of way.  Call me cheap, or a tight wad, whatever you want, because its true.  But just don't throw something salvageable away in front of me.  I'm probably only saved from serious hoarding by the fact that I'm not a big shopper.  All mental issues aside though, I've officially declared war on the pesky lower appendage ventilation duct.  In honor of the weather starting to cool off I pulled out last years leg wear in all its tattered glory.  And then got busy.

Trying out new ideas all in the name of erring on the clever-mom I-did-this-on-purpose side as opposed to the point-and-laugh-at-the-dork-kid look.

now there are
Since discovering HeatNBond *cough, stupid name I am now re-in-love with appliqué.  And no, I am not being paid for giving them a blog shout out.  And since I was in a blog stupor at the time of the frantic baby-sewing, there are no pictures of said appliqué-love.
all two of them

I also recently started working as a sewing assistant for the incredibly talented fabric/pattern designer/artist  Sandi Henderson.  So I've matriculated back to some sewing projects, having sewing on the brain, but my Ted book illustrations are still forthcoming. 


  1. Liesel- these are adorable! I too am only saved from hoarding by lack of space to store things and shopping funds. Anyway,I love the rocket ship- haven't seen that one before.

  2. oh my! they are completely amazing! you never fail to astonish me with your mad sewing skillz. love it.
    i know my boys would freak out about patches like those.

  3. Good for you! Practical ways to be creative--or creative ways to be practical, whatever.
    (I remember patching jeans when your sisters were small--you too? But yours are cuter!)

  4. Yeah, yours are WAY cute and will probably make your kids trend-setters and all the other kids will be jealous. Seriously! Crap, what are my kids (and I) going to do???

    Anyway, totally, totally love them!!!