Thursday, February 28, 2013

#365 drawings: Penguin 16/365

I have a soft spot for monochromatic animals
Aaaah, it feels good to draw unrelated and less stress drawings!  I hunkered down lately and did some illustrations I've been avoiding because of their difficulty.  Which was much needed and good, but I haven't done play drawings in much too long.  (especially since I committed to it)  Also it is nice to use reference pictures that I took for once.  Who knows how many years ago at the zoo it was, but it was I who initially captured the image.  And also reminds me of my oldest sister...  She had (has?) a big stuffed penguin I loved when she was a teenager and I a little girl who hero worshiped her.  So penguins have always reminded me of my big sister who loves them (and who I don't see nearly enough at all).  #warmfuzzies  #loveyouSar


  1. Thanks C!!! I love and miss you too--and your penguin looks awesome!!! Great job!

    1. You're welcome Sarah! You were my first inspiration as an artist, I just wanted to be like my cool big sister. So, thanks. <3

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