Saturday, February 16, 2013

#365 drawings: Valentines and Orca 10&11/365

these count for at least a drawing.
I did heaps of valentine's the other day (though I used previous drawings for said valentine's) I did watercolor the frog and so since I make the rules anyway..  totally counts.

Didn't draw the next day.  Sat there and contemplated it, picked one from my book I was going to work on.  Surfed the internet instead, then it got too late and I went to bed.  Drawing fail day.  Oh well..
But who wants to have two drawing fail days in a row?  Not cool.  And thus it was decided by committee that an Orca in a wading pool was to be the drawing du jour.  So, there you go.


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    1. Thanks! ...the kids do too. (especially Liam)

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