Tuesday, February 5, 2013

#365 drawings: 2 (flower bead jewelry tutorial)


Hah, I did it a second day!

(even though it is sort of a cop out drawing.. it is still technically a drawing!)

I was going to draw one of my favorite photos of Max from when he was 3 or so.. and/or an animal suggestion of the long list my kids gave me.  But... well, it didn't happen.  What did happen was this very sloppy instruction sheet for Activity Days (I help out with the 8-11 year old girls at church) tomorrow.  It is not a pretty, cleaned up fancy tutorial like I would like show on my blog.  It is a rather ugly (though hopefully informative) info sheet.  But I am going to post it anyway, because day 2 is not one to chicken out on showing my work.  And if I wait until it is perfect, well it probably won't happen.  And if it does it will take up lots of time and stress.  So I am letting it go!

lots of different beading variations..
I learned how to make these flower beads from Cheiko (I think her name was.. it was a super long time ago) a Japanese girl my family hosted for a little while when I was a kid.  I went on a huge kick back then and had a million flower bead jewelry bracelets and rings and such.  But they are mostly lost and/or broken.  But it is a fun, cute skill (even if the instructions aren't) in my eclectic repertoire, and I was going to share it with the girls tomorrow anyway.  I hope it makes any sort of sense... if it doesn't ask me a question and I will do my best to clear it up.


  1. i remember doing this for a YW activity in kansas.. drawing instructions and everything! so, how did it go? my friendship bracelet activity days thing was pretty much a bust.. it's frustrating for people who aren't creative, and can't quite grasp it, i realised!

    1. We did rings (mostly with a single flower on them) and that helped... but yeah. What you said.. frustrating for people who aren't naturally creative who just don't get it. That and I forgot to bring this illustration with me! lol! oops! It wasn't a total bust though... there were plenty of girls who picked it up and had fun with it.

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