Thursday, February 7, 2013

#365 drawings: Sloth 4/365

Once upon a time, there was going to be a sloth in my Perfect Pet book, and he was going to be hanging out in a closet.  Because that is where a tree sloth would go, of course!  But alas, it didn't quite work out for the story, and he was replaced.  But I still had this image in my head...   And this whole 365 drawing thing gave me the perfect opportunity to finally put him on paper.  Just for fun.  And also for my little sister Eve, who likes sloths.  There you go babe!

The end.


  1. hey, thanks!
    he's so cute.. love the idea of him hanging out in the closet.. new daydream for me: happening upon a sleepy sloth in a random closet!

    1. You're welcome Eve! ..and wouldn't be dreamy to have a sloth for a pet for reals?

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