Wednesday, February 13, 2013

#365 drawings: boy and guinea pig 9/365

Yeah... I didn't get a drawing posted yesterday.  This drawing counts for both days.. because I worked on it both days.  Even if I only really started it last night, I was trying and psyching myself up for it before then.  It is going in the book.. and I'm close enough to finishing the dummy book that the last few drawings to go in it are the most intimidating ones (for one reason or another).  There is a reason I put them off.  Like not having good reference pictures... or a tricky composition/layout.  Anyway.. I gotta go make valentine's for my kids to hand out tomorrow.  I'm trying to decide if I just print out the same ones as last year, or get fancy and make up a new one.  Which actually was throwing me off yesterday, I was going to draw a new one and get my daily drawing in and kill two birds with one stone, but never decided on what to go on the valentines.  Hrmph.  But at least I got the drawing done today a lot earlier in the day, so I don't have it hanging over my head!


  1. is that jack or tom? the smile looks like jack..
    love it!

    1. Thanks, its Jack.. I need to do Tom next..

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